All of our videos are made using our high quality backing tracks and timed-lyric data files using custom in-house rendering software.  Find out a bit more about how it works below...


  • Use your company's branding by adding your logo as a watermark, at the start of the track or perhaps as a full motion ident at the end of each video.  We can also match your company's preferred fonts and colours to really personalise the look.
  • Choose any font and add effects such as outlines and drop shadows.
  • Use any video background you want or simply opt for a more traditional plain look.
  • Use static countdowns, dynamic countdowns or instead go for a timeout bar.
  • Change the look of the swipe by  choosing between a faded-in look or the more traditional 'clean swipe' look.



  • 720p or 1080p resolutions
  • Mov or MP4 file formats
  • H.264 codec
  • Frames per second and bitrates can be specified to suit your platform or territory requirements


  • 192, 256 or 320 Kps MP3 audio
  • 22050, 44100  or 48000 bitrates


Please note that if your stylistic or technical requirements don't seem to be covered below then please let us know.   We pride ourselves on being able to meet our customer's needs so we'll quickly let you know if what you're after is possible or not.  Either way we'll work with you to develop a range of videos you're completely happy with.